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Are you longing for a hair removal solution that lasts, or a new look down there?
Whatever your motivation, age, size, orientation or ethnicity, The Sugar Cube has a service to meet all your hair removal and design needs!

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Two brown sugar cubes

Sugaring Services

Whether you are a first-timer, or a seasoned sweetie you’re in for a sweet treat every time. No need to worry, sugaring is safe on the most sensitive skin and in the most sensitive places.


The Brazillian

The Brazillian is our signature service that’s truly a sweet experience. Conducted by our sugaring professionals with your comfort in mind, you can choose your bikini line, from bold to bare, or shaped as you choose. You’ll be amazed at the difference this sweet treatment makes!

Full Brazillian: completely bare
Shaping Options: triangle, heart, clover, star, square, lightning bolt, arrow, or landing strip

The Bro'zillian

The Bro’zillian, also known as Manzilan, Boyzillian, Mankini’ Mozilan, Guyzillian, or Male Brazillian is the removal of hair in the male pubic region. During this treatment, all hair is removed from the pubic area, including front, testicles, and backside. We will remove as much or little as you desire with the option of leaving a shape or leaving you completely fuzz free on top.

Get Blinged Out


Starting at $10

Is the basic Brazillian boring you? Glam up your girlie parts with some bling decoratively adhered to last more than three days. The boys aren’t the only ones who can show off their “family jewels”.


Starting at $10

Is the basic Bro’zillian boring you? Glam up your man parts with some bling decoratively adhered to last more than three days. Be confident in showing off your “family jewels”.

Upper Body

Full Arms


Half Arms*




Full Back


Half Back




Lower Body

Full Legs


Half Legs*






*You pick your half,
upper or lower.

Shaved bare cat with clumps of hair around his feet

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